(air movement).
  Makani (for fig. meanings and types of winds, see Haw.-Eng. entry and entries that follow it).
  See break wind.
    Variable wind, makani pālua.
    Fair wind, makani 'olu'olu, peawini.
    Wind puff, ahe lau makani, 'ōnini.
    Wind-borne, pā makani, māpu, lele, kūpani, kō.
    Icy wind, hau'oki.
    Sound of wind, wī.
    Blowing of wind, pā, loku.
    Gust or draft of wind, hihio, kīkīao, kūhewa; limu (rare).
    Wind-resisting, kūmakani.
    Strong wind, makani ikaika, makani, pāhili.
    Increase or rising of wind, ulu, pehuea.
    Stormy wind, 'ena makani; puku kālina (poetical).
    To turn into the wind, ho'opi'i, ka'aluna; kūpapaula (rare).
    Northeast trade wind, Moa'a, Moa'e Kū, Moa'e Pehu, Moa'e Lehua, A'e, A'e Loa, Kaiāulu, Kaomi, Noe.
    Southerly or leeward wind, Kona.
    Usual wind of a place, makani kama'āina.
    Goddess of winds, La'amaomao.
  Many wind names are associated with places, especially those chanted by the keiki ho'op_pā (a wit, riddler, boy wonder), Kū-a-Pāka'a, who names more than 100 winds (For. 5:93–103) or more than 200 (Nak. 53–60, 67–71), some being gentle breezes and others wintry gales.
  These and other names are listed below. Many names are widespread, but some are in special areas.
  In Honolulu 6 winds are listed, 5 in Hilo, and 2 in the Moloka'i valley of Hālawa, the home of the boy wonder previously mentioned.
    Wind names (alternate names are in parentheses; islands and places where, the names are known follow): 'Āhiu, O'ahu; 'Ai-ko'o, Kaua'i; 'Ai-loli, Kaupō [Maui]; 'Ai-maunu, Hāna; 'Aki-pohe, Maui; Ala-'eli, Honolulu, 'Ala-honua ('A'ala-honua), Hilo; Ala-hou, Moloka'i; Ala-'oli, Kaua'i; Amu, Kaua'i; 'Aoa ('Ao'aoa, Ulu-mano), Hawai'i, O'ahu. 'Aoa-laenihi, Ni'ihau, also a rain, 'Āpa'apa'a, Hawai'i; 'Ehu-kai, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; 'Eka ('E'eka), Hawai'i; 'Eke'eke, Ka'ula Island; 'Eke-loa;
  Haka'ano, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Hale-manu'u, Hāna; Hauna-'īloli; Haunone; Hiki-pua, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Holo-po'opo'o, Hawai'i; Ho'oheu; Ho'olapa, Hawai'i; Ho'olua (Kiu Inu Wai, Mālua Ki'i Wai), Kaua'i, Hāna, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Huli-alo-pali, Lahaina; Huli-lua, Kaua'i; I'a-iki, Maui, Moloka'i; Ihu-anu, O'ahu; 'Imi-hau, Lahaina; Inu-wai;
  Kā'ao, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Ka'ele (Ka'e'ele), Moloka'i; Kaiāulu, Maui, O'ahu; Kākea, Honolulu; Ka-la'iākea Hawai'i; Kaomi, Hāna; Kāpae, Hawai'i, Maui; Ka-ua-hae, Kaua'i, Ka-ua-'ula, Lahaina; Ka'ula, Maui; Kēhau, in many areas; Kēpia, Hilo; Kēwai, Hilo; Kia-lehua, Ni'ihau; Kīhae-lā'ī, Hilo; Kili'o'opu (Kili'opu), Moloka'i; Kili-poe; Kili-ua, O'ahu; Kinailehua, Hawai'i; Kīpu'upu'u, Hawai'i, also a rain; Kiu (Mālualua, Mālua Ki'i Wai, Ho'olua), in many areas; Kiu Anu, Kaua'i; Kiu Inu Wai (Huehu); Kiu Kai Nui, Kaua'i; Kiu Ke'e, Kaua'i; Kiu Wai Lehua (Kiu Lehua);
  Koa, Moloka'i; Koholā Lele (Kiu, Koholā Pehu), in many areas; Koi-pali, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Kolo-'āpu'upu'u, Hawai'i; Kololio, Kaua'i, Maui; Kolo-pu'epu'e; Kō-momona, Honolulu; Kona, in all areas; Kona Hea (Kona Hea Puka); Kona Hili Mai'a, also a rain; Kona Kū; Kona Lani; Kona Mae; Kona Moe; Kona-nui-a-niho; Ko'olau, between Kaua'i and Ni'ihau; Ko'olau-wahine, Ni'ihau; Ko'o-makani, Kaua'i, Ko'opali, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Kuamū also a rain; Kuapā, Moloka'i; Kuehu Kai, Kaua'i; Kuehu Lepo, Ka'ū, O'ahu; Ku'i-a-manini, Kaua'i; Ku'i-lehua, Ni'ihau; Kūkala-hale, O'ahu, also a rain; Kūlōlio, Maui; Kumuma'oma'o, O'ahu; Ku'uanu, Kaua'i;
  La'i-kū, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Lanakila, O'ahu; Laniku'u-wa'a, Kaua'i; Laua'e, Kaua'i; Lau-kamani, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Lau-kō-wai, Maui; Lau-ma'oma'o, Moloka'i; Lawakua, Kaua'i; Lehua, Lehua, Island; Lele-ku'i-lua; Lele-uli; Lī-anu, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Līlī-lehua, Maui, O'ahu, also a rain; Lima-huli, Kaua'i; Luha, Kaua'i; Lū-hau-pua, Hawai'i; Lū-pua, Kaua'i;
  Ma'a'a ('A'a), Lahaina; Ma'a'a Kua Lapu, Hawai'i; Ma'a'a Pa'imalau; Maka-iki-o-Lea, Kaua'i (?); Makani-hānai-loli, Maui; Malailua, Honolulu; Mālamalama-iki, Kaua'i; Malanai, Kaua'i, Maui, O'ahu; Mālua; Malua Hele, Kaua'i; Malua Kele, Kaua'i; Mālua Ki'i Wai (Mālualua Ki'i Wai), Hilo; Mālualua, Maui, Moloka'i, O'ahu; Māunuunu, O'ahu; Meheu, Kaua'i; Mikioi, Ni'ihau; Moa'e (A'e at Kaua'i, A'e Loa, Moloka'i); Moa'e Lehua; Moani-'ala, Hawai'i; Moa-'ula, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; Moeāhua, Kaua'i; Mumuku (Muku), Hawai'i; Nahua, Maui; Nāulu, in many areas; 'Okia, Hālawa [Moloka'i]; 'Ō-lau-niu, Hawai'i, Honolulu; One-hali, Kaua'i; 'O'opu, Maui;
  Pa'alā (Pa'ala'a); Pahele-hala, Kaua'i, O'ahu; Pakaiea, O'ahu; Pā-kololio-kaiāulu, Maui; Papa, Maui; Pāpa'a; Papa'a Inu Wai, Kaua'i, Ni'ihau; Pāpa'a Lā, Maui; Pe'e-hala, Hawai'i; Pili-'ā, Hawai'i; Pohu, Hawai'i; Pu'u-Ka'ala, O'ahu; Pu'u-ka-pele (Pu'u-pele), Kaua'i; Pu'u-lena, Hawai'i; Pu'u-kōlea, Hawai'i; Pu'u-nahele, Kaua'i; Pu'u-o-Kona, Honolulu;
  Uahi-a-Pele, Hawai'i; 'Ūkiu ('Ūkiukiu), Maui; 'Ulalena, Maui, also a rain; Ulu-au, Hilo; Ulu-au-nui, Maui; Unulau, Kaua'i, Ni'ihau, Maui; Unuloa, Hawai'i; Wai-'ōpua, Kaua'i; Wai-pao (Wai-paoa), Kaua'i; Wai-uli, Maui; Wehe-lau-niu, Maui.
  (to twist).
  Wili, pōka'a, ka'a, pō'ai, kōke'e;
    — around, kō'ai;
    — or set, as a clock, kī.

English-Hawaiian dictionary. 2015.

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